Silos Project

Silos And Light Steel Structure Project : At present, according to different foundation forms, there are Two Kinds of international standardization silos:

1. Silo Capacity ≤1000 Tons, whole steel supporting form;

2. 1500 Tons≥ Silo Capacity≥ 1000 Tons, small capacity silo use whole concrete cone type, big capacity silo use multihole discharging or flat base.

Application: Be Mainly Used For Storage Of Corn, Wheat, Soay And Other Raw Grain, Port Of Raw Grain Dumping, Grease Industrial Materials Storage, Not Suitable For Storage Of Starch, Coal Dust, Coal Ash And Cement, And So On.

Related Silos project

Be engaged in providing one-stop turnkey project, we offer manufacture, installation, commissioning and personnel training for auxiliary equipments about lifting, conveying, cleaning, magnetic separation, metering, drying, refrigeration, ventilation, temperature and humidity measuring.

Cleaning System

Easy to operate,every inlet has one impulse dust collector,keep environment clean,protect materials healthy and clean.

Conveying System

New patented stop-proof mechanism that movements are flexible, safe, reliable, good sealing performance.

Silo Body

It’s consisted by wall plates, columns, manholes and roof ladders. silos use high quality steel, refine processing.

Silos and light steel structure project

specializing in the Research,Development, Design, Manufacturing And Service of material storage technology, introduced a full set of the world’s latest storage technology and equipments, and can provide various forms of steel silo.

Successful Case

Lochamp has successfully established domestic and abroad silo projects in India, Mongolia, China and many other countries. Its service has already extended to grain, feed, port, brewing, chemical, environmental protection, building materials, etc.
 In Mongolia Project  In China Project  In India Project
 Storage for 15 t feed raw material  Shanxi province 25T/H feed line  Storage material for 5 T/H poultry feed line

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